The BEST documentary I've ever seen. I watch a lot of documentaries too. I'm way too into watching the History Channel/National Geographic/Biography Channel/Discovery/Smithsonian Channel. Yeah that's an awful lot of learning channels (thanks to Fios! wish we could get that in Philly :/)

I actually hesitate often before watching something that I know is ultimately going to make me feel like crap. I had an idea of everything this documentary was going to be...something that I knew I believed in and understood very well, but left me with a lot of angst and anger in the end.

Halfway through, I felt my repeated doom coming, but by the end they kind of lift your spirits with this one. They make you feel as though we (as in humans) have done a lot to save the earth and well just need to do more. haha. But they don't leave you feeling entirely responsible.

Yeah, the earth is overpopulated...but we can evolve...we just can't rely on nature because we have been slowly killing all that is around us. Therefore, get your asses up and do something! AKA....our government especially needs to take action because it seems all other governments are doing it for us (places that don't even get to use the resources they have). This film did a great job at portraying the facts in the clearest way possible (with some of the most beautiful music backing it all up).

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