Whether you smoke...or you don't

It shouldn't make much of a difference in your thoughts for the bill Obama is signing.
Well I guess I have no right to actually say what you should or should not think.

But really? Get off your high horses people. This is a good thing. Its illegal to sell to kids under 18 so why market it like that's the demographic you are going after. They don't really do that with alcohol (well for the most part).
Yes. I'm not a smoker and I guess maybe I just have a different perspective and all...though I do understand smokers. I just don't understand why smokers suddenly want to hate Obama for being a responsible president for signing this bill. He isn't a lone made it through the House and the Senate in order for him to even see it. I know people who are just going to stop supporting him now because of this.

He isn't making cigarettes illegal. He's just making things right based off of his own experience with it all. He's a smoker. He started when he was a kid. I just don't think that its cool that tobacco companies say its OK for 12 year olds to be enticed. In my opinion...."it just ain't right".

It isn't a matter of smoking being right or wrong with this bill. Its a matter of marketing to people that aren't old enough to buy in the first place.