Ahhh Wow.

Its been ages since I've written.
Well. not ages.
But pretty damn close. Sorry life has been a whirlwind but surprisingly enough, when it comes to the end of my semesters, things start to loosen up a little as opposed to get crazier like most people. I can't say I can relax really what with the 20 billion shows I have coming up but, tis the life I chose. No complaints.

So...anywho. The new Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP leaked. Thank goodness.
I have it.
I love it.
I teared up it was so beautiful.

I wish I could listen to a new Animal Collective song everyday.
It seems they are letting their "old school" colors shine in all of the new recordings and I couldn't be happier. Sung Tongs was their best album in my opinion and well they certainly prove that they haven't lost it entirely since Deakin left. Not saying they suck without him....just saying I like their older stuff more.

I also really like the Grateful Dead samples in the song "What Would I Want? Sky?". Just....beautiful.

--erin maeve.


alex said...

this actually got mailed out early... i came home the other day and this was in my mail.... the actual cd.... so does that still count as a leak??? lol. ITHINKICAN