"Frank is my friend"

I was having a discussion with a couple friends last night about unusual pets (squirrels, penguins, carrots, etc.) and it reminded me of something that happened over Winter Break. I had to go to the pet store with my mother to get food for the dog and we walked by a duck that was being sold as a pet for only 30 bucks. What a deal! hahah First thing that went through my mind was "Who would seriously consider bringing a duck home?" I mean seriously. Seriously, seriously. But...I figured it could be a good substitution for a penguin...somehow. I always thought it would be pretty sweet to have a pet penguin. Anyway, I was pretty darn close to buying it and bringing it up to Philly for my roommates and I. The duck was adorable. It was growing on me fast. Naturally, my mom talked me out of it. Shes so wise.
However, it isn't all that crazy to have a pet duck. Just check out this guy (props to Willie for introducing this video to me):

Best quote: "As stupid as this sounds, maybe if more people had a duck in their life, maybe we wouldn't be all so mad at each other."


--erin maeve


Shana said...

joey, chandler, and ross had a duck...

herowithaz said...

1. That's exactly what I said Shana!

2. I like your blog

3. I'm adding it to my blogroll

<3 Willie